Birds in Attic, Kernersville, NC

At the first sign of birds in your attic, reach out to our team.

When you hear birds chirping or making other sounds, you may wonder where the noises are coming from. If you can hear them through open windows, it’s not concerning. But sounds coming from your attic often indicate that birds have taken up residence in this space. Since most homeowners rarely access their attics, this part of the structure tends to be a prime location for wild animals to live. It’s dark, undisturbed, and provides steady access to warmth. However, leaving birds in the attic can create a number of issues for you and your family.

Birds in Attic in Kernersville, North Carolina

One of the biggest problems associated with birds in attics is the risk of disease. Bird feathers and droppings can impact your health and well-being. You may also notice damage to your living space, as birds are known for pecking at walls and other surfaces, as well as tearing up wires and insulation to get access to materials to build their nests. Even the sound of the birds may make it more difficult to sleep at night and feel comfortable in your own home.

At the first sign of birds in your attic, reach out to our team at Triad Wildlife Experts. We bring more than 15 years of experience to every job, offering humane and effective solutions to animal problems. Our technicians can determine where the birds are living in your attic and come up with a plan to remove them. Plus, we are equipped to tackle the repair process for any damage caused by these birds. Contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a bird removal service at your Kernersville, North Carolina home.

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