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Birds Removal Burlington, NCBird problems, most of the time, will never cease until you stop them from nesting in your home, dryer vents and bathroom vents where they can enter from the outside.

Along with birds come many different diseases that can affect humans and pets. Unfortunately, there’s more than just bird flu to worry about. Currently, there are more than 60 diseases carried by them and their droppings. The problem is especially worrisome in residential areas, as many of these diseases are airborne and easily transferable.

Allow Triad Wildlife Experts to help resolve your bird-based issues!

These animals are usually classified as a nuisance species when they roost on buildings or in attics and dryer vents. At Triad Wildlife Experts, we commonly hear the following complaints. Thankfully, we’re well-equipped to handle each of the following avian issues.

  • Birds have appeared in your attic
  • They are living in your vents
  • Birds are constantly on your roof
  • You’ve noticed a high volume of droppings on your building
  • Woodpeckers are putting holes in your home

Our team is prepared to address all sorts of species. In the past, we’ve handled many common species like starlings, pigeons, house sparrows and more.

To learn more about the damaging effects of an infestation, be sure to browse the provided link. When you’re ready to nip your avian issues in the bud, all you have to do is call 336-365-0564. Our elimination experts are standing by to serve your needs.

Bird Control and Removal

Birds Removal Burlington, High Point & Winston-Salem, NCControlling Birds is never an easy task. They are a nuisance and a pain when it comes to keeping them away. Nesting along with all their droppings, are dangerous and can bring more than just a mess.Their droppings carry many different diseases such as Histoplsmosis, Candidiasis and Crytococcosis, to name a few, but there are many more. Most of the diseases carried in the droppings start as a fungus that is then inhaled. For retail stores such as food chains and warehouses that house food products, this becomes their biggest threat. Once they are in, there is no end to the droppings and really no set place for the droppings to land and can end up on uncovered food, fruit, veggies and other products such as packing and boxes. Once a bird finds an easy way in and out it is game on, they set up shop and bring all their friends. Most of them can have two sets of babies a year. This means double the nesting and double the droppings all in one place. They are the biggest of pests, nesting, roosting in all the wrong areas. The droppings and all their nesting continues to create real health and safety issues for local stores, buildings, warehouses, ponds and water areas. Triad Wildlife Experts provide control for pigeons, starlings, grackles, sparrows, gulls and many more for both commercial and residential customers. Will offer thorough inspections to identify the perpetrators, entry points and patterns, all to come up with an effective solution for youl.

There are many solutions to controlling them and keeping them out or keeping them from roosting along the rooftops of your home or local business. Here at Triad Wildlife Experts, we offer the best of control products and solutions.

  • We offer netting and clean up
  • Spikes for roofing and ledges
  • Trapping and removal
  • Bathroom and dryer vent clean out along with bird Guards
  • Exclusions for sealing up entry points and openings
  • Screening
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Residential netting and much more!

Not only do they cause diseases and infection, but birds and their droppings can also cause acidic and corrode metal along with deface building exteriors. Birds and their droppings cause areas you work in to be slippery with bad working conditions that could lead to accidents.Feathers and nesting can and will clog drains along with gutters leading to your property being damaged.

Triad Wildlife Experts, has set the bar high with our leading pest wildlife control solutions and wildlife management for over 10 years. Our technology and experience with wildlife helps you and your business by giving back effectiveness and continuous protection from the forces of nature. We are dedicated to providing the best of solutions for all your residential and commercial needs.