Stop worrying about coyotes on your property and let us help remove them.

Coyotes Removal High Point, High Point & Burlington, NCHave you grown tired of the incessant howling of coyotes on your property? If you’ve been searching for a company to handle your problem in a humane manner, you’ve certainly arrived at the right place. Triad Wildlife is prepared to make your coyote problem a thing of the past.

Believe it or not, these animals are now found in every American state aside from Hawaii. As many North Carolina residents know, these animals can wreak havoc throughout your property here in Guilford County. Thankfully, our team uses a series of advanced techniques to eliminate the problem at the source.

We’ll repair your home in the event of any coyote-based damage.

The primary objective of our control program is to reduce damage in a practical, humane and environmentally acceptable manner. Thankfully, our wildlife managers use effective control methods based on the habits and biology of these animals. By using methods matched to the nuisance species, control efforts will be more effective and will maximize safety to the environment, humans and other animals.

The four steps we’ll use to address your coyote-based problems:

  • We will identify the species causing your problems.
  • Alter the habitat to make the area less attractive to the wildlife.
  • Use a location-appropriate control method, which takes into account the time of year and other environmental conditions.
  • Monitor the site for re-infestation in order to determine if any further control is necessary.

If you’d like our team to assess your coyote problem, call 336-365-0564 now, and allow our skilled professionals to get to work.