Animal Removal in Greensboro NC, High Point NC, Summerfield NC, Oak Ridge NC, Winston Salem NC and Surrounding areas

When nuisance animals and wildlife invade your home trust the experts to remove them and prevent them from returning here at Triad Wildlife Experts – nuisance wildlife removal

No matter the nature of your current infestation, be sure to contact the team at Triad Wildlife Experts. We’ve been in the industry for years now, handling local pest problems in the most humane and effective ways. Whether you’re contending with squirrels or bats, you can trust our team to eliminate the source of your problem and prevent the critter from returning.

Browse each of the following sections to learn more about our service options. When you’ve got a pest problem on your hands, there’s no time to delay. Call 336-365-0564 today, and allow our certified technicians to assess your residential or commercial wildlife removal problems and figure out a plan of attic to remove your critter problem for good!

We set traps that are check daily to removal the pest causing the property damage. We look for the entry points of the nuisance wildlife to ensure we are setting the traps in the correct place. Gray squirrels go outside their home to forage for food and flying squirrels bring their food backside to stockpile for a raining day. We like setting traps for gray squirrels near the entry point, this way we they come out looking for food they have no need to look very far. We try to remove these animals fast so that less property damage is caused. Raccoons are very strong and in just a couple of days these animals can have a home destroyed. Call Triad Wildlife Experts – nuisance animal removal for all your humane animal trapping needs!