Raccoon Removal Service

The tell-tale black mask and ringed tail makes these highly intelligent grey-furred creatures easy to recognize. They tend to prefer heavily wooded areas where they have easy access to water, vegetation, and the trees in which they make their dens. Unfortunately, due to the loss of natural habitat which also limits their food supply, these adaptive omnivores have taken to eating human food – and even making their dens in inhabited areas.

Raccoons can be a major nuisance. Any homeowner that has had contact with these masked creatures will tell you that they can be very destructive to both homes and businesses, getting into all sorts of mischief. They and their pups can cause thousands of dollars in damage if not handled in a quick and humane manner. It also carry many diseases — and are the largest carrier of rabies in North Carolina. Luckily, our licensed experts provide prevention service in Guilford County.

Some of the problems caused by raccoons:

  • Trash bags that are constantly torn to shreds
  • Pets that become agitated because they hear or see them
  • Footsteps running across your roof or in your attic
  • Birdseed eaten out of the feeder before the birds get to it
  • Plants destroyed before they bloom or are harvested
  • Chickens or other small animals taken and eaten
  • Outdoor pet food stolen from your animals

Strategies to Keep Away:

  1. Keep Your Outdoor Areas Clean and Control Raccoons

  • Check all areas around your home and clean up any garbage, paper, or food before the services.
  • Remove all berries or fruit that fell from trees onto your lawn or nearby areas.
  • Make sure that any picnic tables, chairs, or other outdoor furniture carry no crumbs or food smells.
  • Tip unused garbage cans or buckets upside down so they don’t store water for them to drink.
  • Only feed pets outdoors when they are going to eat their food immediately. Don’t leave food out for them.
  1. Safeguard Your Trash Cans

  • Purchase metal garbage cans with lids that stay tightly closed.
  • Use a device to secure the lid, such as Raccoon Solution.
  • Always place garbage inside garbage cans and replace lids immediately so they won’t smell the food and come to eat out of your cans.
  • Keep your cans clean by washing them out with a hose and strong cleanser regularly.
  • Store trash cans indoors, in the garage, or somewhere else inside, particularly if you are gone for a long time or if you see them around the neighborhood.
  • If you put meat or other tempting food in the garbage, always put it inside of two plastic bags, and put some bleach or strong-smelling cleanser on the outside bag before depositing it in the can.
  1. Deal with Dens Piedmont

Unfortunately, even the most spotless area can still provide shelter. Individuals or entire families tend to have several nests within their territory. If you discover evidence of a nest in your attic, under your deck, or in a sheltered area around your home, you can try making the nest inhospitable by

  • putting bright lights nearby.
  • making noise, such as from a waterproof radio.
  • placing ammonia-scented rags inside.

4. Play It Safe with Removal of Raccoon

  • Never, ever confront them by yourself. It could be a mother with cubs nearby – one who is especially likely to become aggressive and may bite if it feels threatened.
  • Don’t try to trap and relocate them or family yourself. This process almost always results in the death of the young unless performed by an expert who knows how to safely remove mothers with their offspring.

Safe and Effective

If all else fails, call in a professional. Triad Wildlife Experts safely removes them from homes and businesses in the near area, High Point, and Winston-Salem, NC area. Our technicians utilize innovative and humane methods to provide nuisance animal prevention.

If you’d like to have our licensed experts provide you with this service, simply call 336-365-0564. After we assess your specific situation, we’ll develop a plan of action for removing any of them from your property. Before you know it, you’ll be living pest-free again!

North Carolina’s Exterminators.

Greensboro Raccoon & Greensboro Wildlife Removal

We remove raccoons all over North Carolina. We offer many pests exterminating options for our customers. Prevention isn’t always easy, but we send out the right exterminators for the job. We offer inspections in all areas high and low to see how they are getting in or why they are entering your property.

They often will go where food is easy to find and where there is a good water source. They love getting into your trash!. In fact, that is the number one thing people are used to seeing. It has a keen sense of smell and the trash puts a lot of those smells that they love. It is also common to find them in garages. A lot of communities and subdivisions feed their cats and dogs in the garage. They love eating cat food and dog food, so it draws them in.

If you want to prevent them from coming on to your property, you should eliminate all food sources that attract them. Things like trash, bird feeders, cat food or dog food, places that are easy to climb up and places that are easy to get into. They love trees that are easy to climb that are close to homes. If one of them can climb a tree to get on a home he is going to do so. Raccoons love to get on roofs, because they can get up high and avoid dogs and other critters that may get in their way. While up there, they can cause many problems and can lead to attic infestation. These aggressive animals are very destructive in everything they do. Once a raccoon gets in an attic you will then need to call an exterminator to have it removed. They look for weak and easy ways to get into the attic to sleep and stay warm in the winter months and lay their young right before spring.

Triad Wildlife Experts and animal prevention offers a wide range of services. We remove raccoons for good out of your home. We can also remove them from the attic and repair the damage so it never happens again. We set cages to humanely remove the nuisance and the clean the mess they have left behind and the damage it may have caused.