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Squirrel Removal Greensboro, High Point & Winston-Salem, NCGreensboro, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Burlington, Winston-Salem, NC and all the surrounding areas are home to thousands of Squirrels invading homes every year. If you live in the these area you are usually seeing squirrels as an everyday part of life. Most of the time people are used to seeing Squirrels in yards or squirrels running across the road, but never expect to find one of these critters going into your home. Rather you are removing squirrels from an attic space or removing a squirrel that has fallen down a chimney, it is always smart to think safe before doing it yourself squirrel removal. Always look up tips and how to videos on removing squirrels or contact an animal removal specialist.

Greensboro, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Burlington, Winston-Salem, NC and all the surrounding areas are home to a few different types of squirrels. The most common is the Grey Squirrel which people are used to seeing most every day running around. Another is the Flying Squirrel which most people never see unless the squirrels end up in your attic or better yet in your home. Flying squirrels are not common for people to see, because they are nocturnal and come out at night. Often times people hear these squirrels in their attic and can’t figure out where the noise is coming from or what animal is causing it. Noises in the attic very well could mean squirrels are living in your attic.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, then here’s a few signs to tell if you have squirrels in the attic:

  • Sounds coming from the attic
  • Things being out of place
  • Electrical wires chewed on
  • Insulation moved around
  • A nest built from outside material such as leaves and twigs

All these could be signs that squirrels are in the attic. March, April and May are when squirrels begin to find safe and warm places to have their young and what better place than a squirrel in an attic. It’s warm and well protected for the most part. When a female grey squirrel is looking for a mate she could have up to 10 male squirrels chasing her around at any giving time, climbing in and out your attic and squirrels chewing up your home. Once mommy squirrel has found the love of her life the show begins. They both are in and out your home. Once on the inside squirrels will then begin to chew multiple entry and exit points along the roof and gutter line. Right before mommy squirrel has her babies she will run the male squirrel off so it’s just her and her babies. She will nurse and take care of the baby squirrels until they are old enough to start climbing around on their own. Once this happens the squirrel party is on. Baby squirrels begin to chew up everything trying out their new squirrel teeth. One of their favorite things to chew are electrical wires. Electrical wires to baby squirrels are like gummy bears. It’s easy on the teeth of the new baby squirrels. Problems with squirrels chewing up electrical wires poses a threat and risk of your home burning down. Play it safe and get the squirrels removed asap.

Questions people need to ask themselves before removing squirrels:

  • Should I remove the squirrels or hire a professional?
  • Are their squirrels in my attic?
  • How do I know there are Squirrels in my attic?
  • How are the squirrels getting in?
  • Should I try and trap the squirrels or hire a Wildlife Expert?
  • Should I be getting on the roof myself and is it safe?
  • How do I fix the problem from happening again?
  • How do I Stop squirrels from getting in the chimney?

Sometimes it’s better to let a professional handle your squirrel problems. Rather it’s squirrels in the attic or squirrels in the chimney, professionals are used to handling these problems every day. We remove animals and trap squirrels from homes all around Greensboro and other cities. Knowing what to look for on a home is sometimes the key to successfully removing squirrels from a home or attic.

Here’s a few tips to squirrel removal and prevention:

  • Cut trees back that are touching the roof line of your home that would be easy excess for squirrels to jump onto your home.
  • Remove all bird feeders close to home. Removing a squirrel’s food source will force them to move looking for a new food sources.
  • Making sure all construction gaps and all weak areas along the roof are sealed and reinforced so squirrels can’t chew their way into your attic.

We have wildlife and animal removal specialist in Greensboro, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Burlington, Winston-Salem, NC and all the surrounding areas. For more information and help in squirrel removal or animal trapping please feel free to call 24/7 for help from one of our professional.

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