I previously used this company for starlings that had made a nest in a vent of my house. They did an excellent job removing them and fixing the issue. They even cleaned the siding where the birds had made a mess! Since then, I had a new concern about a possible infestation at my new home, and Brian came out to check it almost immediately! He did a thorough inspection and found the issue. It is unfortunately not something this company deals with, but he was happy to refer me to someone who could help. I can’t say enough about this company’s responsiveness and professionalism. HIGHLY recommend!

- Bailey M.

When I couldn’t find anyone else to help me, Brian of Triad Wildlife Experts went out of his usual business purview to help me retrieve my dog. My beloved pet had had a seizure and fell into the pool and consequently drowned. I was devastated by his passing and needed help. Triad Wildlife Experts went above and beyond to come out, and Brian did all he could to get my 75 lb dog out of the unused pool that had murky water. He brought his pump to drain some of the water, so he could find my sweet pet and get him to dry ground. Unforgettable empathy and compassion are definitely difficult traits to find in these days of the usual predatorial business owner. Triad Wildlife Experts are tops in my book. Thank you so very much for your help in my time of difficulty and tragedy.

- Mary R.

Excellent service and truly professional. They know their wildlife and birds. My problem was solved right away, and the response time was extremely efficient.

- Jeremy O.

If you’re lucky, you will find Brian and his crew first to handle your wildlife control issues… if you’re like me and called the other available options in your area first, you’ll waste tons of time and money being sold on solutions to problems you don’t have. After calling Triad Wildlife Experts and explaining our particular squirrel problem, Brian came out to our property within hours (on a Saturday) to evaluate our issue and clearly explain his treatment plan. Pricing was straightforward and entirely reasonable, especially when compared to the “solutions” offered by the competition, with mobile/digital invoicing and payment adding to the convenience as well. Most important was the fact that Brian was able to swiftly and permanently fix our particular squirrel issue for the agreed price. This is a local, family operation run by good people, so there’s every reason to give these folks your business if you are unfortunate enough to have wildlife invade your home.

- Trey B.

Who knew 2 squirrels could be so intelligent? We discovered there were squirrels attempting to make a home above our garage apartment. So, what do you do? You go to the internet and start looking for a reputable wildlife removal company. What I found were several large national companies that were more concerned with sending a salesperson to my house and selling me some type of expensive contract, so I searched some more and found a locally owned company in which the owner actually answered the phone. I knew right away after having a brief conversation with Brian that Triad Wildlife Experts was exactly who we needed to handle our squirrel visitors. Brian came over the same day and immediately knew what to do. An hour later, Brian put a plan into action. He explained thoroughly what to look for and what would probably occur based on his years of experience. In summary, in a relatively short period of time, Brian outsmarted a couple of intelligent squirrels who did not want to be caught. Brian’s critical thinking comes from years of experience in safe and humane wildlife removal. The squirrels are back outside where they belong, and our garage is now free of a couple of unwanted visitors. Brian and Triad Wildlife Company were more concerned with finding a solution to our wildlife control problem than selling us some contract we didn’t need. You never expect to need wildlife removed from your home, but in our case, we couldn’t have found a better company than Brian’s in Triad Wildlife Experts. What an education and what great value provided. Wish we could give a 10-star review!

- Doug C.

Triad Wildlife Experts responded quickly to my phone call. I had an urgent bat situation, and they were able to take care of the problem the next day and guarantee their work. I would definitely recommend them.

- Jymmi W.

Great experience with Brian and his company in taking care of evicting our unwanted guest from our attic. Great service, fair price, and very responsive. They did exactly what they said they would do!

- Tim W.

We had multiple birds’ nests in our 3 uncovered vents, so he had a lot of work to do and did an amazing job. Removed them humanely and quickly, and he was very polite and professional.

- Ali M.

Quick service, arrived on time, birds are gone!!!

- C. S.

Brian did a phenomenal job in helping us get rid of our squirrel problem at our townhouse. From the start, he clearly was extremely knowledgeable about getting squirrels removed, and he lived up to every promise in getting our situation taken care of once and for all. After setting up traps, within a few days, our squirrel problem was completely gone. I had previously tried to get our personal pest control company to remove the squirrels to no avail and cannot tell you how thankful and relieved I was to have called Triad Wildlife Experts instead. They took care of the issue completely, and then after the squirrels were removed, did an excellent job shoring up any areas where the squirrels may have gotten in to prevent them from coming back. 100% I recommend this company and their service, should someone ever have an issue, and I have even recommended them to my in-laws. Without a doubt, should I ever need such a service again for anything else, they will be the first ones I call. Thank you again!

- Mark L.

Brian was very professional, an excellent communicator, and knows his stuff. He was able to track down exactly which vents were causing my issues (a bird’s nest in one and a lint pileup in another). 100% recommended.

- Dave U.

Squirrels had torn through old soffit vent screening on the back of our house and entered the area above our family room ceiling. Brian was able to trap and relocate the squirrels. He then replaced the old screening with heavier duty screening. Brian did great work on the whole job!!

- Jennifer L.

Brian was extremely helpful, prompt, and professional in solving our bird problem. He was able to quickly diagnose the situation and problem solve a way to prevent it from happening again with his patented vent cover. He even climbed up a 40-foot ladder to install it! Above and beyond doesn’t begin to describe the service, communication, and value. 10/10 recommend.

- Daniel H.

Brian was professional and a delight. He explained my problem to me and came up with a solution. I definitely will be referring him to anyone who needs this type of service. Thanks, Brian, for the referral to the pest company.

- Stephanie H.

I wish I had found Brad first. He would have saved me so much time and money! He was the first person who knew exactly how to solve our squirrel issue, and he was successful. He was so knowledgeable, explained everything, and accurately executed the plan. I highly recommend him!!!!!!

- Amy K.

We want to thank Brian and his team for an excellent job that was done. They came at short notice and did a great job. No more worries about birds building nests in the vents.
Thank you.

- Carla B.

I HIGHLY recommend this company. They were extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and incredibly proficient. They were recommended to me, and I am so glad they were. You never want to have a wildlife issue in your home, but if you do, use this company!!

- Bridget W.

Brian did great work for me. I had a bird problem on both sides of the house. Despite an extremely sloped roof, Brian took care of it and even fixed the siding damage. He got to me pretty quickly and at a good price. Great job!!

- Jim C.

We had birds building a nest in our vent. Brian’s customer service was outstanding! He was down to earth, courteous, prompt, knowledgeable, and got the job done! I highly recommend Brian with Triad Wildlife Experts!! We’re extremely pleased with the service we received!!!

- Tonia H.

I returned home after being gone for several weeks. My dog immediately went crazy over a scratching sound in my chimney! Oh my… something was definitely alive in there! It was after 5 on a Friday! I left a message, hoping for the best… and that’s what I got! They called me back and agreed to come and take care of it first thing Saturday morning! And they did! They got a squirrel out… no harm done! They repaired the screen on top of my extremely high chimney. All this in an hour and a half. Extremely nice and I am extremely pleased!

- Shari F.

It has indeed been a pleasure working with Triad Wildlife Experts. From day one, they were on time and had timely communications about cost, scheduling, and progress. Excellent customer service!! Thank you.

- Hoyte P.

Triad Wildlife Experts have been the absolute best. I recommend them for all your pest needs. Everything from squirrel removal to bird evacuation.

- Freddy H.

Hands down the best nuisance animal control in the Greensboro area! I always receive great service from Triad Wildlife Experts for all of my pest elimination needs. They’re friendly, courteous, attentive to scheduling urgency, knowledgeable, and keep me informed every step of the way. I can always count on Triad Wildlife Experts to tackle any task. Highly recommend!!

- TL W.