Bat Problems?

Triad Wildlife Experts nuisance wildlife removal is here to help. Often times wildlife companys will recieve a call in the middle of the night due to a bat flying around inside a cusomters home. Most companies nevevr educated on the bats nor the bat problem at hand. All over the United States, bats are a protected speices. State and federal laws protect the bats during certin seasons. If you have found a bat flying around inside your home the first thing you should do is never lose site of it, unless you are locking it in a room you know it can’t get out from. Bats are goood at finding hiding spots that somes are so good we never find them. It is also just as important to never throw it out the door. First rule of thumb is to have a wildlife company or either your local animal control company. If you find a bat inside your home it should always be tested for rabies. There should never be an exception. Although rabies are very low in the number of bats it’s just always a good idea to have them tested, especially when there are small childeren living in the house.

Bat birthing seasson. 

Bat birthing season begins around May 1st every year. There have been times where bats come a couple of weeks early. Bats seperate themselves into 3 catergories. Male, female and species. The male and female colonies stay seperated most all year except for the one time in fall right before hibernation. The female carries the sperm up until spring. Bats are protected between May 1st and August. It is during this time that bats cannot be removed from an attic. If there are bats in your attic no company is allowed to perform any type of exclusion until after blackout.

If you suspect you are living with bats give us a call. Triad Wildlife Experts, nusiance wildlife removal