Reasons to Leave Bat Removal to the Experts

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Reasons to Leave Bat Removal to the ExpertsHere at Triad Wildlife Experts, we specialize in the humane removal of wild animals, including opossums, skunks, squirrels, birds, and many other common critters. If you have an unwanted wild guest in your home, we encourage you to give us a call right away to get our removal experts on the job.

In this article, we will focus on bat removal, going over a few reasons why you should always leave this job to our experts.

  • Bats Carry Serious Health Risks – The first reason why you should contact our bat removal team instead of trying to capture the animal yourself is because bats are carriers of serious diseases, including rabies. If a bat gets into your home, call us right away and stay away from the bat as much as possible until we capture it. Ideally, you, your family, and your pets should all retreat into a different room and shut the doors behind you.
  • Bats Have Legal Protections – Another reason to leave bat removal to us is because many bat species are endangered or threatened, and therefore carry legal protections. Our team is thoroughly familiar with wildlife protection laws, and we always use safe and humane methods to remove bats from our clients’ houses.
  • Our Services are Effective – Lastly, we encourage you to let us handle your bat removal needs because we know how to get the job done as quickly as possible. You can count on us to capture the bat and remove it from your property in very little time so that you can get back to your normal routine.