When to Call a Professional for Raccoon Removal Services

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From a safe distance, raccoons can seem relatively harmless and even cute at times, but it’s a different story when raccoons start infringing on your property. If you’ve found raccoons rifling through your garbage cans outside or scrambling underneath your porch, you might be in need of professional raccoon removal services.

When to Call a Professional for Raccoon Removal Services

When raccoons make themselves at home on your property, they can cause some serious damage as well as pose potential health hazards to you and your family members. Fortunately, you can count on our team here at Triad Wildlife Experts for the safe, efficient, and reliable raccoon removal services you need to feel comfortable in your own home once again.

It’s not unusual to spot a raccoon or two occasionally in the Greensboro, North Carolina area, but if you start seeing them more frequently or notice these other signs, you should schedule raccoon removal services right away.

  • Nocturnal Noises — Raccoons are nocturnal, so you’re most likely to see or hear them after the sun sets. If you’re frequently awoken to the sounds of your trash can being knocked over, rustling noises, or other unusual sounds, you likely have a raccoon problem.
  • Pet Food Thievery — If you store your pet’s food in the garage or have a bowl of pet food outside your home, raccoons might be tempted to snag this easy treat. If your pet’s food seems to go missing at night, you could unintentionally be feeding raccoons instead of your beloved dog.
  • Property Damage — Despite their tiny hands and round bodies, raccoons are surprisingly agile, and they might try to climb different parts of your house to get indoors. Keep an eye out for damaged gutters, roofing issues, or other areas of disrepair around your home’s exterior.