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Rely on us for animal removal services in the Kernersville & Greensboro, NC area

Has a family of raccoons turned your attic into a den? Have hungry squirrels gnawed through your electrical wiring? The Triad Wildlife Experts can trap and relocate those nuisance animals, then repair the damage to your home in the Kernersville or Greensboro, NC area. Our wildlife removal company is licensed and fully insured.

Call 336-365-0564 now to arrange for humane animal removal services.

Never attempt to trap wild animals yourself

Wild animals can cause serious harm, not to mention transmit zoonotic diseases. Let the Triad Wildlife Experts move those critters out of your home.

With over 25 years of experience, our crew can safely handle...

Aggressive animals,
such as opossums,
foxes and coyotes

Notorious disease carriers,
like bats and raccoons

Venomous snakes

Ask us about our emergency animal removal services.

Deny wild animals what they're looking for

Deny wild animals what they're looking for

Critters may move into your home if it offers shelter and easy access to food. We can seal potential entry points so wild animals can't get in, even if they wanted to. Rely on our wildlife removal company in Kernersville or Greensboro, NC for wildlife prevention to keep critters out and keep your household safe.